Real estate: credit in fine is it always a good idea?

Pay only the interest all along the loan and repay the entire capital in one time at maturity, it is possible with the credit in fine. But the banks offer it to confirmed investors.

In the vast majority of cases, the borrower of a home loan repays each month a portion of the borrowed capital as well as the interest due to the bank.

It is a depreciable loan

It is a depreciable loan

But in the case of a loan in fine, the borrower only pays the interest each month, and then refunds the entire principal at the end of the loan.

“Most of the time, it’s a montage intended to facilitate rental investment thanks to favorable taxation,” explains Moomintroll, a credit broker.

Rental homeowners who choose to report rents collected under the current plan may deduct interest from their property income. If the interest is 600 euros per month and the housing is also rented 600 euros, the owner will pay no tax on rents collected. Another advantage is that the borrower can keep his money invested and will be paid instead of paying the money to the bank.

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They give their opinion

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